Equitable access to healthcare for mothers is a neglected issue in Europe.
The time to act for mothers of our future generations in Europe is now; the Alliance for Maternal Health Equality calls on MEPs to support the Declaration on universal access to maternal healthcare tabled in the European Parliament on 24th February 2016.
Sign Written Declaration 0015/2016
In an EU of 28 Member States (MS), healthcare continues to be a national competence with varying legislation across borders. The result is dramatically different levels of access, conditions and care for mothers before, during and after pregnancy.
The success and failure of the healthcare systems in Europe are difficult to measure in terms of resilience and sustainability. Maternal health is not included as an indicator.
Maternal Equity is interconnected with several policy areas and needs to be proactively integrated in EU discourse on issues such as maternity leave, migration and healthcare alike.
Filiz Hyusmenova
Vice – President of the ALDE Group, Head of the Bulgarian Delegation at the ALDE Group
“This Declaration is important because the wellbeing of mothers is essential for the wellbeing of Europe”
Nicholas Brooke
Executive Director at the Synergist
“Maternal mortality in Europe is low compared to other parts of the world. However, look closer at the statistics and you’ll see that within the seemingly rosy picture are vast inequities, with immigrant and ethnic minority women greatly over-represented in Europe’s 1,900 maternal deaths per year. It was this realisation that spurred the Alliance for Maternal Health Equality’s founders into action. We realised that, even if on paper minority groups have access to healthcare systems, in reality they don’t always benefit as the system is not designed for them.”
Jacqueline Bowman-Busato
Policy Lead for the Alliance for Maternal Health Equality
“It’s time for MEPs to play their part in helping to improve the situation for equitable access to maternal healthcare in Europe. Signing the Declaration is the first step in supporting women, providing them with better knowledge and information, equitable access to healthcare and the ability to enjoy a safe and healthy motherhood, before, during and after pregnancy.”
174 / 384
We urge all MEPs to sign the Declaration by the end of May 2016 and help improve the situation of mothers in Europe.
Sign Written Declaration 0015/2016
  • 5 million women give birth every year
  • 500 000 women don’t have access to appropriate care
  • On average 5 mothers in Europe die every day
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