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Measuring maternal healthcare in Europe

Inequity in terms of maternal healthcare is unfortunately a hallmark of health systems within the European context. For many women their specific healthcare needs have not even been acknowledged, let alone addressed, before , during and after their pregnancy. One in ten women has no access to maternal healthcare in the first months of pregnancy; in 2013 alone there were…

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Signature of the Declaration on Universal Access to Maternal Healthcare

174 MEPS representing the large majority of Member States and political groups signed the Declaration, showing beyond a doubt that this is an issue for Europe as a whole, regardless of political affiliation.

Research and Innovation for Maternal Health

On December 8, the Alliance for Maternal Health Equality had the pleasure of attending the Together for the Next Generation – Research and Innovation for Maternal and Newborn Health, organised by the European Commission’s (EC) Directorate-General for Research & Innovation.